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Add-Ons for Street Legal Golf Carts

Our mission is to deliver the fun! We want you to have a stress-free vacation and let us deliver the fun to your front door. The first wow is to deliver a brand-new golf cart to your door. Your family will love the ease of parking and getting around town in our golf carts. We also deliver paddleboards, wave boards, boogie boards, and kayaks.

Add On Paddle Boards to Your Street Legal Golf Carts

Paddle Boards

We offer Pop Paddle Boards in two sizes. A really great way to venture out into the water.

Add a Wave Board to Your Street Legal Golf Cart Rental

Wave Boards

The Morey Cruiser is the most iconic and recognizable board in the world. With its classic shape, PE Core, and Crescent Tail the Mach 7 delivers strength and versatility for a variety of riding styles and wave conditions.

Add Mini Boogie Boards to Your Street Legal Golf Cart Rental

Mini Boogie Boards

The Mini Boogie is the latest and greatest addition to the Morey line of boards. You can use this bad boy for bodysurfing, a kickboard, a normal bodyboard, and even a mini-board for youngsters. This is perfect for the advanced rider who wants to mess around in shorebreak or for someone who wants to kick around in a pool!

Add Kayaks to Your Street Legal Golf Cart Rental


We also rent Tandem Kayaks and regular kayaks. Are you looking for an adventurous outdoor sport you can enjoy with the whole family, children included? You should consider kayaking.


Add on Paddle Boards, Wave & Boogie Boards, & Kayaks to your Golf Cart Rental